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The CPN (Maoist-Center) has said it is expected to finalise names of candidates competing in the upcoming local-level election on behalf of the party by the third week of April.
The party has launched various sorts of programmes at the local-level, focusing on the election, according to Spokesperson for the party Pampha Bhusal.
A committee formed under the convenorship of party central member Dev Gurung has already prepared the draft of party’s election manifesto, sent it to the local level for feed backs and a revised copy will be coming soon, the party said.
The party viewed the local-level elections as a means of devolving power centered in the Singha Durbar to the public sphere , party leader Mani Thapa said.

As per the deadline set by the Election Commission Nepal, political parties have to register the candidacy nominations for the local-level election scheduled for May 14 this year by coming April 29. So far the party has finalised the names of candidates fighting for the posts of mayor and deputy-mayor in four municipalities. RSS

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