Nepali club shines in Denmark: enters in 2nd division of denish cricket federation

मोहम्मद अज्मत अलि/बिजपाटी

मोहम्मद अज्मत अलि/बिजपाटी

Nov 12, 2017 | 08:19:36 PM मा प्रकाशित

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Cricket has brought smiles in the faces of Nepalese in Denmark and has made all proud. It has entered the 2nd Division of the Danish Cricket Federation.

Initially established for fun and an opportunity for gathering, the club had players that were students. By being a member of the Danish Cricket Federation in 2016, the club started playing professionally in division 4 and 3. Winning 11 games out of 13, the club garnered appreciation and respect from all and was awarded as the most disciplined team in the 3rd division tournament.

The Vice president of the club and a veteran player Mr. Shuwashis Ojha, highlights on the achievement. According to Mr. Ojha “In the year 2016-2017, we played in division 3 competing with 14 other teams in Copenhagen. In the next year, we have to be more competent and play with 8 strong teams in the 2nd division.

The year ahead is a test for both the players and the club management. It has a rigorous schedule of travelling across different cities in Denmark, maintaining the fitness level of the player and rescheduling of colleges and working hours of the players. Further the accommodation and travelling in the different cities, the pitch and umpire cost, will add to the finance’’.

The coordinator of the club Mr. Krishna Chand addresses further on accomplishments of the club. Mr. Chand says “Initially when we tried to register ourselves, we were ignored and our abilities to play were questioned. Our efforts on the field forced them to change their mindset and appreciate us. Further, a local sports media  published our accomplishment “little men from the himalayas” on the news portal after which our presence in the cricketing sports field was felt.

The treasurer of the club Mrs. Sushila hamal highlights “in the days to come our club is challenged by the finances. While playing in the 3rd division, our financial costs added up to DKK 25000 that is equivalent to NRs. 4,00,000. Next year when we start playing in the 2nd division, our costs will add up to DKK 80,000 that is equivalent to NRs. 12,80,000.

The local governing body has so far helped us by providing grounds and changing room facilities free of costs. The federation has been providing coaching trainings as well. The federation will start with financial help and other assistance once we are able to enter the 1st Division. Until now we have self-managed the fee, but in the next year we will probably need more support.’’

The captain of the club Mr. Biplaw Agrahari appreciates the efforts the players have been making on the field despite their busy schedules. The players are eager to play in the tournament and exhibit a great contest.

Today, the club has a total of 25 players and the numbers are increasing. The club has been organizing fun programs during the closing months of the year and appreciating the players. Last year, Mr. Sabal Chhetri was awarded as a rising talent while Mr. Kushal Raj Adhikari was awarded as the club’s best bowler. Similarly, Bikas Timilsina was appreciated as the best allrounder while Mr. Sujan Adhikari was the best fielder.  The plans for the club in the coming year is to engage youths in the game, open up a youth training academy, run training classes and find sponsors.

With their sincere efforts, hard work and enthusiasm, they have come this far as an emerging force in Danish cricket. The players have glorified the name of all Nepalese and it’s high time to celebrate their accomplishments and support them.

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