Are you having a tough time managing your field sales team? Here is the solution.

बिजपाटी संवाददाता

बिजपाटी संवाददाता

Feb 17, 2022 | 11:37:52 AM मा प्रकाशित

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Field sales teams of FMCG and CPG industries typically visit customers / retail outlets on a recurring basis to place replenishment orders, check stock or take any other initiative necessary to keep the client happy and maximize sales.

 Challenges like remembering who to visit, when to visit which customer becomes very difficult for the sales person. Companies also face challenges to verify whether the sales person has visited customers timely or not. Very often, some customers are missed which leads to loss in sales. Sales teams also face difficulties remembering the past orders of a particular customer. Additionally, sales managers do not have any method to verify the customers who have been visited, and how frequently. Relying on manual processes only leads to loss of data and a lot of missed meetings which significantly reduces sales. The Solution:  A field sales automation solution, like Delta Sales App, can solve all such management woes. An organized team means more work done, fewer confusions, and increased productivity. This app helps your sales force to maximize their capabilities and handle all facets of sales using a single app on their mobile.

Empowers your field sales team by using these features of Delta Sales App today only.

1.    Check in for the day

The field sales team can start their day by checking in through the app. Their sales route will now be tracked. You don’t need to maintain a register or a separate attendance system when you use this Delta Sales App. Geo-attendance technology can be used to locate your sales team.

2. Managing daily schedules

They can check their customer visits that are scheduled for the particular day. Your sales team will be able to see all the meetings along with the details like time, location and more. They can plan their day effectively and optimize route and accordingly travel time smartly.

3.    Add customers easily and check their details       

Your sales team can easily add all your customers in Delta Sales App by clicking on the create button and once the customer is created then the next thing you can do is add and check all their details like the orders they are placing, their payments  current stock levels, etc.all at one place.

4.  Create Instant orders

By using Delta Sales App, your Salesman can instantly create new orders on the go. No time is wasted and the sales head also gets to know about the update instantly through notifications in their mobile phone.

5.  Real-time live tracking

This app can be used for live tracking of your sales team exactly where they are right now and managers can see the paths taken by the sales representatives. You can also access the party they visit, check-in and check-out times, total distance traveled by them and other useful details as well.

6. Reporting and Analytics

 Delta Sales App provides all the crucial data and report need to improve fuel efficiency and sales representative’s productivity. It includes routes per day, beat per day, average time on site and many more.

The Delta SalesApp has a demo option, which you can request for free.


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