मोहम्मद अज्मत अलि

मोहम्मद अज्मत अलि

Sep 27, 2016 | 09:36:02 AM मा प्रकाशित

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Kathmandu : Education is backbone of development and excellent way to uplift the back warded and disadvantaged community, said by named Doctor and social worker Dr.Manor Din Shaiyed.

Educational support for the needy children program has been done by leading charity organization Asian Resource Foundation with the support of LOMEF –USA to 15 government schools of Kathmandu and Dhading of Nepal. Program coordinator Ms.Mira Tamang said Students have been selected especially from back warded and marginalized community.

Despite busy schedule Dr. Shaiyed has visited few slum area government schools on Monday and discussed with school management what further can be done to address the problems of those needy children.

5 years old Mr. Lakpa thanked to organizer for giving school dress, shoes, copies and school bag as he was in school with old dress which was not valid for school area. School Principal of Nawa Jagriti Ma. Vi at outskirt of Kathmandu gave especial thank to ARF and LOMEF and said how successful person like Dr.Shaiyed can manage time to come to such area and hoping to meet again with further programs for schools.

After listening to students and guardians, Dr. Shaiyed said he will try his best to fulfill the need of government schools and his social engagement is purely humanitarian.

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